The Consent Debate

  1. Unsafe at Any Speed, or Safe, Sane, and Consensual, My Fanny by Laura Antoniou (1995)
  2. The SSC Mistake by Joseph W. Bean (1998)
  3. The Future of Leather by Joseph W. Bean (2000)
  4. The Origin of RACK / RACK vs. SSC by Gary Switch (2001)
  5. Safe Sane Consensual: The Making of a Shibboleth by david stein (2002)
  6. Consent Alone Is Not Enough by david stein (2013)
  7. How to Do the Right Kinky Thing by david stein (2005-2014)
  8. Short story: Spontaneous by Dusk Peterson (2006)

A kind reader has compiled the readings into a PDF. Young eyes may prefer the version with two pages per sheet. Note that The Future of Leather is not included in the PDF.


What do you think?

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